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Metallized Fighter Aircraft

Metallized Fighter Aircraft 2

Metallized Helicopter



Calibrated Sphere

Calibrated Cylinder

Threshold Target

Trihedral Reflector

Low RCS Rotator

Microwave Absorber

Commercial Aiircraft

Radar Cross Section Training Lab RCS12


  • For testing of radar cross section of real life scaled targets in controlled indoor laboratory environment.
  • Multi band monostatic Radar with time domain and efficient signal processing.
  • Use of X band allows smaller wavelength for measurement, allowing smaller features to be tested.
  • Low radiated power combined with very high sensitivity allows large range of measurements.
  • Microwave absorber panels provided, reduce the background clutter and reflection, for detection of targets with very low reflectivity and efficient background subtraction. Further increased resolution using software processing.

  • Self Calibration using accurate reference targets
  • Exponential/Pyrmidal absorbers for normal/ grazing angles
  • Accurate table top measurement indoors.
  • The system includes a stepper motor controlled very low RCS target support.
  • Use of smaller antennas allow compact range with far field <1m.
  • Direct measurement in dBsm with 0.01dB resolution with accurate log processing with temperature compensation yields repeatable results.

Radar Cross Section Training Lab RCS12