RADAR CrossSection Training and Measurement Lab

A Comprehensive RCS Measurement training system


Amitec’s RADAR CrossSection Measurement and Training Lab is a comprehensive indoor facility with a highly modular setup. The complete setup consists of a USB powered Microwave RADAR transceiver, Low RCS software-controlled Target Rotator, a Calibration Target, a Threshold Target and many scaled models of real-life objects such as Fighter Aircraft, Naval Ship, Commercial Airplane, Military tank, Helicopter and many others.


  • For testing of radar cross section of real life scaled targets in controlled indoor laboratory environment.
  • Multi band monostatic Radar with time domain and efficient signal processing.
  • Use of X band allows smaller wavelength for measurement, allowing smaller features to be tested.
  • Low radiated power combined with very high sensitivity allows large range of measurements.Microwave absorber panels provided, reduce the background clutter and reflection, for detection of targets with very low reflectivity and efficient background subtraction. Further increased resolution using software processing.
  • Self Calibration using accurate reference targets
  • Exponential/Pyrmidal absorbers for normal/ grazing angles
  • Accurate table top measurement indoors.
  • The system includes a stepper motor controlled very low RCS target support.
  • Use of smaller antennas allow compact range with far field <1m.
  • Direct measurement in dBsm with 0.01dB resolution with accurate log processing with temperature compensation yields repeatable results.

Area and Scope of Learning

  • RCS Concept, Radar Range Equation, Use of dB, Types of RCS Measurement, The Far field requirement, Measurement, The Type of Pattern Cut, RCS and Radar Frequency Bands, The RCS Test Range, Outdoor Ranges, Indoor Ranges, Data Collection, Reduction, and presentation.
  • RCS Reduction: The four basic methods of RCSR
  • RCS Measurements Classical Targets and Scattering Standards Far Field Outdoor RCS Ranges, Pylons for Mounting and Rotating Targets, Compact Ranges for Indoor Measurement RCS Measurement Systems, Imaging of RCS Data,Search Radar Range Equation.
  • Radar Cross Section Measurements of Magnetic and Dielectric Microwave Absorbing Thin Sheets
  • Experimental Operation: Calibration, Operation Procedure, Sources of Error
  • Experiment #1 Radar CrossSection Measurement of Sphere
  • Experiment #2 Radar CrossSection Measurement of Cylinder
  • Experiment #3 Radar CrossSection Measurement of Flat Plate
  • Experiment #4 Radar CrossSection Measurement of Trihedral Reflector
  • Experiment #5 Radar CrossSection Measurement of Threshold Target
  • Experiment #6 RCS of Type 1 Stealth Aircraft
  • Experiment #7 RCS of Type 2 Stealth Aircraft
  • Experiment #8 RCS of Apache Stealth Helicopter.


  • Complete Software Controlled setup with configuration of RADAR transceiver parameters and Target Rotator
  • Realtime Visualisation of data over complete frequency range
  • Highly interface RCS data plotting software