Phase Array Antenna Training Lab PAT04

Phased Array Radar Training Lab PAT04

Microwave Absorber Panel

Log Periodic Antenna

Phased Array Radar Training Lab PAT04

* PLL transceiver 0.4-4 GHz.
* 1KHz step size
* RF Power measurement in 0.1 dB resolution
* 60 dB dynamic range.
* Directional Coupler for VSWR/ Return Loss.
* Stepper motor antenna rotator.
* 1 degree resolution stepper motor

* USB interface with polar/cartesian plotting software
* Microstrip Phased array, Log Periodic
* All antenna gain, return loss and pattern plot
* 1000 Frequency and level storage in receiver
* + 35 degree beam steering
* 2X2 array of patch antennas with individual phase addressing
* Microwave Absorber panels provided