MIMO Development Lab MIM04

0.4-4 GHz MIMO Development Lab MIM04

• Covers white spaces, broadcast television, public safety, land-mobile communications, low-power unlicensed devices, wireless sensor networks, cell phones, amateur radio bands.
• Future ready from simple FM to WCDMA/HSPA, 4G-LTE standard to whatever future may hold
• Experiments designed and developed at IIT Delhi
• Learn next generation communication & convergence technologies (Software Defined Radio, Cognitive Radio including white spaces, Cooperative Communication, Communication over Cellular Network, Femto Cell, Wireless Network,
Mobile Adhoc Network, Research in 4G/5G)
• Use with Linux Radio, LabVIEW™, MATLAB Simulink™
• No recurring cost of software or licences
• ASIC Architecture: 0.4-4 GHz combines LNA, PA driver, RX/TX Mixers, RX/TX Filters, Synthesizers, RX Gain control, TX power control
• +5dBm Transmit power
• -120dBm Sensitivity Receiver

• FPGA programmable transmission and reception for high performance with low latency
• Differential Baseband Signals
• Modulation Bandwidth Programmable upto 30 MHz
• Supports both TDD &FDD Full Duplex upto 30MHz
• Calibrated +0.1ppm TCXO
• Dual 40 MS/s, 12-bit ADC & DAC
• Up to 400 MS/s USB 3.0 Data Streaming
• MIMO Capability – 2X2 and 4X4
• USB 3.0 Interface to Host Controller
• 200MHz ARM9 with 512KB embedded SRAM
• Alterra Cyclone FPGA with single cycle access memory, 18X18 multipliers for dedicated DSP & programmable general logic elements
• 2X2 MIMO Configurable, Expandable to 4X4
• Works as spectrum analyzer, vector signal source & vector signal analyzer
• Core i3, USB 3.0 Mobile Workstation provided
• Hundreds of experiments and growing…..