Directional Coupler

Microstrip Wilkinson Power Divider

Band Pass Filter Tapped Hair Pin

Low Pass Filter Stepped Impedance

4G Ready 0.04-4 GHz MIC Training Lab MIC04 Base

* 0.04-4.4 GHz PLL Microwave Signal Generator.
* 1KHz Frequency Step size and Accuracy.
* 1 MHz-4.4 GHz RF Power meter with -70dBm sensitivity.
* Win7/XP PC control, display and analysis in real time.
* 0.5-4.4 GHz Directional Coupler with 25dB directivity.

* 5 different MIC modules provided.
* Gold SMA connectors on low loss ceramic substrate.
* Wide power range +20dBm to -70dBm.
* High measure speed at all power levels.
* Measurement in dBm & dB relative.
* Teflon cables are provided for low loss interconnects.

MIC Training Lab MIC04 Base