1 to 18 GHz Dual Ridge Horn

Patch Array 4 X 4


Monopole Antenna

Dielectric Rod

Yagi 4 Element

End Fire Phased Array

Narrow Band Slot

Patch Array 2X2

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4 GHz antennas:
1 to 18 GHz Dual ridge Horn,
Microstrip inset fed Patch,
Microstrip Dipole antenna,
Microstrip Series fed Patch,
Microstrip Yagi ( 3el) antenna,
Microstrip Slot antenna,
Microstrip Folded Dipole antenna,
Microstrip Endfire Antenna,
Microstrip Broadside antenna,
Microstrip Monopole antenna,
Biconical antenna,
Discone  antenna,
Dual Patch array antenna,
Microstrip Transformer fed Patch,
Microstrip Log Spiral antenna,
Microstrip Log Periodic antenna (LPDA),
Microstrip right handed circular polarized Patch,
Patch array 2X2 antenna,
Microstrip Spiral Slot,
Microstrip Loop,
Microstrip circular Patch,
Microstrip left handed circular polarized Patch.

10GHz antennas:
1 to 18 GHz Dual ridge Horn,
Axial Mode Helix (RHCP),
Axial Mode Helix (LHCP),
Patch array 4X4 antenna,
Patch array 2X2 antenna,
Patch array 1X1 antenna,
Patch antenna,
Patch antenna circularly polarized,
Monopole antenna,
Dipole antenna,
Parabolic Dish with Dish feed,
Dielectric rod antenna,
Slot Broad wall antenna,
Slot Narrow wall antenna,
H Plane Horn antenna,
E Plane Horn antenna,
Pyramidal Horn,
Conical Horn antenna,
Open waveguide antenna

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