Far Field Antenna Measurement System AMS20

Microwave Absorber Panel

Dual Ridge Horn


3D Antenna pattern

Far Field Antenna Measurement system AMS20

* EMI/EMC , Antenna & RCS Measurements
* Low cost solution to anechoic chamber.
* Reflected signal (reaching test zone) down by min -30dB with respect to direct signal.
* Low RCS stand (FRP Rod and holding devices) to hold transmitting/ receiving antenna

* Antenna under test / RCS measurement target stand on a stepper motor monopod with resolution of 1deg.
* Absorbers are high performance convoluted Microwave absorbers constructed using low density, flexible foam impregnated with carbon formulation. Fire retardant and Zero halogen.
* Suitable for 1GHz to 18GHz and higher frequencies. Performance (Reflection Loss) at lower frequencies shall be deteriorated, like at1GHz it will be -8dB only)