Patch Array 4 X 4


Parabolic Dish

Dielectric Rod

Yagi 4 Element

Pyramidal Horn

Narrow Band Slot

Patch Array 2X2

8.2-12.4 GHz Microwave Antenna Training Lab ATS12

* Microwave Antenna Training Lab 320X240 pixel TFT Touch Screen display.
* 22 Antennas with Patch arrays, Horns, Slots, Helices, Dipole, Monopole.
* PLL transmitter and receiver 8.2-12 .4 GHz.
* 3 KHz step size with measurement in 0.1 dB resolution

* 60 dB dynamic range. * Stepper motor antenna rotator with 1 degree resolution.
* USB interface with polar/cartesian plotting software
* Microstrip & Aperture antennas
* All antenna gain, return loss and pattern plot provided
* 1000 location Frequency and level storage in receiver.
* Directional Coupler, Slotted Line for VSWR/ Return Loss.