6 Axis Positioner

3D Antenna pattern

Dual Ridge Horn

Planar Horn

Microwave Absorber Panels

6 AXIS MATLAB Antenna Positioner System SAP40

* 3D Positioner (with VNA interfacing for Automatic Measurement of 3D pattern, gain measurement, S-parameter etc).
* Maximum load: 5 to 10 Kg.
* Azimuthal rotation: 360 degree in 0.1 degree step.
* Elevation Movement will be +90 degree in 0.1 degree step.
* Polarization movement: 360 degree in 0.1 degree step.
* Transmitting antenna Positioner with Laser Alignment.

* 18GHz Ultra Low loss armored Testing cables (approx. 5 to 10m)
* Double Ridged Horn Antenna:800 MHz to 18 GHz- 2 Nos.Planar Horn: 400MHz to 2 GHz- 2 Nos.
* Connectors & adapters: SMA(F) to SMA(F) Adapter- Panel mount; N(F) to N(F) adapter- Panel Mount as required.
* 3D Visualization and Data Acquisition Software.