Microstrip Rectangular Patch Inset Fed

Microstrip Rectangular Patch Transformer Fed

Mircrostrip Dipole Antenna

Yagi 3 Elements

Log Periodic Array

Synthesized Frequency

Stepper Motor Control

Power Meter Unit Selection Screen

4G Ready 0.04-4.4 GHz Antenna Training System Lab ATS04 Base

* Antenna Training System with 320X240 pixel TFT Touch Screen display with 25 Microstrip Antennas
* PLL synthesized transmitter and receiver 0.04-4 .4 GHz with 1 degree resolution Stepper motor antenna rotator.
* 1 KHz step size with measurement in 0.1 dB resolution
* 60 dB dynamic range.

* Directional Coupler for VSWR/ Return Loss.
* USB interface with Windows 7 & 8 compatible polar/cartesian plotting software
* All SMA connectors, Teflon RG316 Cables
* All antenna gain, return loss and pattern plot provided
* 10,000 location Frequency and level storage.

Antenna Training System Lab ATS04